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Weatherall Dock & Dredge has been providing quality construction across Ontario since 1985. With over 37 years in business, Morgan Weatherall and his team offer decades of  experience and expertise to each project they work on. Pile driving,  retaining walls, sheet piling, dock and dam building, dredging and shoreline improvement are a few of their services. Whether you have valuable shoreline in need of restoration, a marina that needs dredging or a bridge repair, Weatherall can get the job done.

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Pile Driving


Port of Prescott

Port of Prescott

Wharf Repairs

Crown Hill

Crown Hill


Crown Hill

Oxtongue Lake Narrows

Bridge Repairs

Crown Hill

Kingston LaSalle Causeway

Causeway Repairs

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Retaining Walls / Sheet Piling


Services - Pile Driving Pic River


Driving Piles, or “Pile Driving” refers to installing foundation piers, or piles, into undisturbed earth (sometimes to bedrock). These Piles are driven usually until resistance is met which is of the minimum requirement by the Design Engineer. These Piles are a type of deep foundation to support large structures (bridges, piers, cofferdams, buildings, etc.)

Services - Retaining Walls &Sheet Piling


Sheet pile walls are constructed by driving (or vibrating) prefab sections into the ground. When the sections are connected, they provide the structural support for safe access for construction in a confined area. They can also stay in place in the ground as a permanent retaining wall.


Decks, docks, piers, and seawalls require suitable foundations for durability and performance over time. Foundation Piling, installed in the water, can meet these standards. Use of materials, such as Concrete and treated wood, supplies strength and longevity for the structures. Also, the installation methods create minor environmental impacts as well.

Services - Dam Building


Dam Building is necessary for containing a body of water, controlling flow and regulating flooding. Weatherall completed a dam connecting two rivers with a road allowance in between. The dam was engineered, formed, and cast in place, and then topped with a concrete facade for the final finished appearance.

Services - Boat Ramps


Much like Docks, Boat Ramps also require suitable foundations, or anchoring, for securing and support in the water. Shown above, Weatherall Dock & Dredge Inc. works to repair the Scarborough Bluffer’s Park Public Boat Launch located at the bottom of the Scarborough Bluffs.


The removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbours, and other water bodies to remove material is the main function of Dredging. The restoration of adequate water depth for boats to travel safely is then achieved. The use of proper techniques is imperative for the protection of any environmental concerns.

Crown Hill


Working in the water with Heavy Equipment safely and efficiently can be achieved with the use of Barges (large platform boats with a flat bottom and flat top surface). They can also be used to transport heavy loads on water bodies to desired destinations. Weatherall Dock and Dredge are shown here using a crane to assist with the work on a bridge from the water course.

Services - Shoreline Improvement


Improving the Shoreline of waterfront property has numerous benefits. It increases the usability and access to the shore, the visual appeal and adds to the financial value of the property. The use of various skills is applied for the construction, such as dredging, piling, erosion protection, dock building, etc.

Services - Equipment Rental


Weatherall offers a selection of various specialized heavy equipment available to rent, complete with licensed operators.  Equipment offered includes Excavators & Backhoes, Pile Drivers, Cranes & Barges. They can be used for your projects either small or large as required. Moving, or “floating”, of the equipment to and from the construction site is also available upon request. Use this service to add to your existing fleet.

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