Equipment Rental

Weatherall offers a selection of various specialized heavy equipment available to rent, complete with licensed operators.  Equipment offered includes Excavators & Backhoes, Pile Drivers, Cranes & Barges. They can be used for your projects either small or large as required. Moving, or “floating”, of the equipment to and from the construction site is also available upon request. Use this service to add to your existing fleet.

Equipment Rental

Crawler Crane uses a vibration hammer to install piles

Equipment Rental
Equipment Rental

Crawler Cranes

Equipment Rental

Hydraulic Crane and Crawler Crane lifting piles into place

Heavy Equipment Rental Available with Skilled, Licensed Operator

Excavator & Backhoes

EC 130 Crawler Excavator
FT110 Fiatal Backhoe
416 D Caterpillar Backhoe

Pile Drivers

Pileco D 19-42 Diesel Hammer
Drop Hammer


P & H Rough Terrain Crane – rubber tires
LS 108 Crawler Crane
LS 118 Crawler Crane


50′ x 50′ Steel Barge
25′ x 25′ Steel Barge