Wawa Creek Bridge Reconstruction – Wawa, ON

Wawa Creek Bridge Reconstruction, Wawa

This impressive photo shows the Weatherall Dock & Dredge crews installing vertical “H” piles for the new abutment for a single lane bridge. One of the many challenges with a new Bridge project involves ‘in water works’, that are performed with methods to protect and minimize any damage to the existing environment.

Working just off of Highway 17 near Wawa, for the General Contractor, TeraNorth Construction & Engineering, a 6000 tonne drop hammer drives the new piles 100 feet long, down to the existing bedrock. Installation is done in 50-foot sections, which are then welded together to reach the desired length, in this case, up to 100 feet long.

The “H” piles also come with Rock Points at the ends that will be embedded into the existing rock below grade providing anchored support.

Just another typical day for the Weatherall team.